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The unlikely combination of Salvador Dali and Walt Disney is the subject of Dali and Disney: The Art and Animation of Destino, on view at The Dayton Art Institute through January 3. This special display showcases eight Dali prints and the short animated film Destino.

In 1946, Salvador Dali began a collaboration with Walt Disney Studios on a short animation piece called Destino, slated to be part of a proposed feature film. After eight months – during which Dali produced paintings, pen-and-ink drawings and storyboards – Disney abandoned the project for financial reasons. In 1999, Walt Disney’s nephew, Roy Disney, resurrected Destino from the Disney vaults, and the film was finally completed in 2003. Dali and Disney: The Art and Animation of Destino displays eight limited-edition prints of art Dali created for the film, and visitors will be able to view the animated short, which has only been seen in limited release since its completion.

Dali and Disney: The Art and Animation of Destino is on view in Gallery 209, adjacent to the museum's Great Hall. The display is free and open to the public during regular museum hours.

Dali and Disney is organized by The Dayton Art Institute and is on loan from the collection of Dr. Lawrence and Holley Thompson.


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