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Anne Sexton


The speaker in this case
is a middle-aged witch, me—
tangled on my two great arms,
my face in a book
and my mouth wide,
ready to tell you a story or two.
I have come to remind you,
alI of you:
Alice, Samuel, Kurt, Eleanor,
Jane, Brian, MaryeI,
alI of you draw near.
at fifty-six do you remember?
Do you remember when you
were read to as a child?
at twenty-two have you forgotten?
Forgotten the ten P.M. dreams
where the wicked king
went up in smoke?
Are you comatose?
Are you undersea7
my dears,
let me present to you this boy.
He is sixteen and he wants some answers.
He is each of us
I mean you.
I mean me.
I t is not enough to read Hesse
and drink clam chowder
we must have the answers.
The boy has found a gold key
and he is looking for what it will open.
This boy!
Upon finding a nickel
he would look for a wallet.
This boy!
Upon finding a string
he would look for a harp.
Therefore he holds the key tightly.
Its ,secrets whimper
like a dog in heat.
He turns the key.
It opens this book  of  odd tales
which transform the Brothers Grimm.
As if an enlarged paper clip
could be a piece of sculpture.
(And it could. )

anne sexton
Mariner Books


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