domingo, 6 de janeiro de 2013

Alguns artistas do Sri Lanka.

terça-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2013

O Natal foi passado no Sri Lanka. Andamos por três zonas, Colombo. "resort" Green Paradise na zona de Dambulla e outro "resort" perto de Kandy. Dessa viagem colocarei aqui algumas fotos que tirei e textos e imagens recolhidos em livros que adquiri.
CHAPTER III THE FIGHTING MEN: THE PORTUGUESE Much more information is available about the Portuguese military establishment in Ceylon in the early 17th century than about the Kandyans. Portuguese historians who have written accounts of the fighting during these years have provided a wealth of details relating to their fighting men - their numbers, composition, service conditions and so on. There is also much that can be gathered from contemporary offieial reports and letters and other documentation preserved in Goan and Lisbon archives. The Portuguese fighting men in Ceylon were those sent from Goa. But Goa was not the real source of the manpower resources either of Ceylon or the rest of the Estado da India. The source has a relevance because that determined the type of fighting man that fought in Ceylon. All the manpower resources of the Portuguese Orient originated from Portugal itself. Annually an eastbound fleet, the Carreira da India, left Lisbon in about March. This fleet brought with it to Goa not only supplies, officials and priests but also soldiers. And where did Lisbon turn to recruit them. Fr. Martin Quere has described these troops as "---young men, still in their teens, who had boarded the eastbound vessels with the idea of becoming soldiers or sailors ."