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Narciso Yepes - Concierto de Aranjuez (2)

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Génesis (Nuno Júdice, Portugal)

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Anatole France

“If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.” — Anatole France

Curiously, when France died in 1924, doctors found that his brain was two-thirds normal size. But, said surgeon Louis Guillaume, “It was the most beautiful brain one could dream of seeing. Its convolutions were marvelous.”


If your mind was like mine
I'd be yours.

Your mind is like mine
and I'm yours.

My mind is like yours
and you're mine.

Only death can make us perfect.
There is no such thing as time.

There is no-one who's enlightened.
Thinking is a rotten tree.
Truth is thinnest of thin air.
Poetry is Look-at-me !

Asking myself
how to reach acceptance
I ruefully reply
There is no way.


Jack Kerouac

Here's to the Crazy Ones

Here's to the crazy ones.
The misfits. The rebels.
The troublemakers. The round
pegs in the square holes - the
ones who see things differently.
They're not fond of rules and
they have no respect for
the status quo. You can praise
them, disagree with them,
quote them, disbelieve them,
glorify or vilify them.
About the only thing that you
can't do is ignore them.
Because they change things.

Jack Kerouac


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camuflaje | liu bolin

tapumes | henrique oliveira

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Como fotografia

Visual wonder: Artist Alyssa Monks created this incredible life-like portrait of a woman peering through a steamed up shower screen in Smirk

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Ruy Belo

Mas que sei eu

Mas que sei eu das folhas no outono
ao vento vorazmente arremessadas
quando eu passo pelas madrugadas
tal como passaria qualquer dono?
Eu sei que é vão o vento e lento o sono
e acabam coisas mal principiadas
no ínvio precipício das geadas
que pressinto no meu fundo abandono
Nenhum súbito lamenta
a dor de assim passar que me atormenta
e me ergue no ar como outra folha
qualquer. Mas eu sei que sei destas manhãs?
As coisas vêm vão e são tão vãs
como este olhar que ignoro que me olha

Ruy Belo
Todos os Poemas


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Ari Versluis and profiler Ellie Uyttenbroek

“L' exactitude n'est pas la vérité”
Henri Matisse

Inspired by a shared interest in the striking dress codes of various social groups, the Rotterdam-based photographic team of Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek have been systematically hamstringing such permutations of received identity for ten years. They call their series Exactitudes, a contraction of “exact” and “attitudes”. It’s August Sander and Eugène Atget turned on their heads by Bernd and Hilla Becher - a direct assault on the mythic formula that photography plus the street equals authenticity.

By dragging the repertory of the street kicking and screaming to the studio backdrop, the series offers a purposely absurd response to the sentimentality of Jamal Shabazz (“Back in the days”) and the beloved and utterly bogus spontaneity of the photo booth. It’s a perfect fit for an age that’s made the “cool hunt” a corporate pursuit. Of course the photos are starchy and obdurately posed and ever so consciously styled, because there can be no meaningful limit to the cross-contamination between those notions of a authenticity and supreme self-awareness

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11 Setembro


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Part 1 - Dark Side Of The Moon

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Courtney Krawec

Happy Moments by Courtney Krawec, Australia


George Hart


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Grande Guerra

The Great War. First World War, mobilization, declaration of war: pupils of Eton college exercising in suit and high hat, rifle over the shoulder. England, 1915. Credit: Nationaal Archief #


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Outras coisas

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Pictured: The incredible light graffiti created as a host of lamps are shone straight at the camera lens

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Barbara Etches